taking about writing

taking about writing

November 20th, 2013

IN recent weeks I have spoken at a few writing seminars - Writer's Digest in Los Angeles, Hunter College Writing Center in New York City. What strikes me is the absolute passion that I see among writers to communicate their craft. Its inspiring. [Full Post]

May Journal

May Journal 

Dear Friends,

May is a big month for me.  THE EXPLORER’S CODE is coming out in mass market paperback on May 28th!  The cover is gorgeous and I couldn’t be more excited.  This is also busy time of year for me as we gear up for the launch of THE STOLEN CHALICE next month.  Right now I am planning the book tour and redesigning my website.  If you follow me here on my web page, http://www.kittypilgrim.com  you will see the new author photos and a whole new look an a few weeks.

I look forward to this phase of the writing cycle.  This is when I go out and meet all of you and find out your reactions to my book(s).   So as I enjoy the spring days at my home in the Hudson Valley, I know these days are precious.  I will set out again – not for Egypt or England or Greece or Turkey  - but to travel around my own beautiful country to meet my readers.

I certainly hope in the days ahead I have the opportunity to meet as many of you as possible.  Thank you for your support.

Have a happy May!